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foto e video matrimoni


What is your style?

Our approach to wedding photography is a photo-journalistic one, also known as reportage. The reportage is marked by a more spontaneous kind of shot in which the photographer does not ask the bride and groom to pose but utilizes the photographic media for making a report of the wedding while allowing them the freedom to live such a special event without any further pressure. Moreover, I believe that from the artistic point of view it may be of interest to enrich the wedding reportage by portraits of the couple, which of course are to be not banal, but always natural and elegant.

How do you manage the event?

Our idea is to be your silent memory of that day, for this reason we believe that the event should be shooted completely, from its beginning with the preparations, the groom's waiting, the ceremony, some creative portraits up to the parties concluding the reception, where we will also document the most engaging moments together with the guests.

As said, each event is unique, which is why we remain at your complete disposal for longer service needs or to respond to special needs. We are ready to study together the best possible solution that you think can be congenial to your needs.

How many photographers there will be on the wedding day?

Based on our experience, the best way to cover the wedding is to have at least two photographers. Such an important event is in fact able to offer continuous ideas and unrepeatable moments. While you will be focused on the events, we would have the pleasure of catching a smile from a child, the tear of a guest and the happiness of the people who love you. To do this, therefore, it is necessary that one photographer pays greater attention to you, while the other is constantly looking for ideas and moments among the guests.

Will you also take group photos?

Spontaneous photos are part of our style, because we believe that capturing moments in their naturalness is the best way to tell your day. Your day is also made up of the people you care about and it will be a pleasure to make sure that they too are an integral part of the shots, also immortalized in a group if requested by you.

Will you follow the same style for the videos too?

You will also find the style of the reportage in our "wedding films", the attention in capturing every authentic moment will be the same, further enhanced from our cinematographic point of view.

What about delivery?

Delivery of a short video trailer and the video edited on Bluray Full HD format

Will the photographs you deliver will be processed?

Taking a photograph is only a part of the job, very important, but partial. In fact, the post production work is essential for each photo to express its maximum potential, respecting our principle, however, of an elegant and sober workmanship. True beauty does not need distortions.

What kind of album do you recommend for printing photos?

Traditional handmade albums, made in Italy photo books, Fine Art prints and much more. Coming to our studio or visiting the "Album" section of the site you can choose what best meets your tastes.

How will the choice of images in the photo book be made?

Confident of our experience gained over the years, we prefer to build a story -telling, that is the photographic compositions inside the photo book that will tell your story, in order to follow a plot, always guided by elegance and sobriety.

With customers most eager to follow the choice of compositions, we will be happy to develop them together.

Is it possible to buy only the photo shoot, without printing the album?

Obviously yes. In this case we will send you a link where you can download all the photos in high resolution or, if the distances allow it, we can meet at our studio where we will give you a USB Pen containing the photographs.

How long in advance do we have to book the photo shoot?

In the case of midweek events, a shorter notice can also be considered compared to a wedding that takes place on Saturday or Sunday, where our advice is to book one year in advance. As you can imagine, however, the greater the notice time, the greater the chances of having our availability for that date.

We also believe that sometimes destiny can draw unpredictable lines, so even if your wedding is near, we still invite you to contact us by email or by calling us, we could discover together our willingness to be so by your side.

Are you available for photo shoots even outside Italy?

Absolutely yes!


What are the times for the delivery of the material?

The photographer's work does not end on the wedding day ... quite the opposite! The careful selection of photos, post-production and layout take us a lot of time because we want to take care of everything personally without delegating to third parties. The finished work will be delivered to you no later than 4 months from the date of the wedding.

Will a photographer from the studio be present at the wedding or do you use external collaborators?

We firmly believe in the quality that we have developed over the years, which is why we only use the photographers of our studio without resorting to third party collaborators. We prefer to ensure our quality standard at the cost of one less photo shoot.

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